Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fresh Healthy Vending is a vending machine company located in San Diego, California specializing in healthy options to conventional vending machine goodies and beverages. It was founded in June 2010.[1] The firm's refrigerated[2] devices provide carrots, yogurt, smoothies, granola bars and drinks such as milk, juice and teas.[3]
The company states that it sells only healthful, organic and organic foods and drinks, and the branded vending machines seem largely in schools, hospitals, health clubs and community organizations. As of 2011 the business had more than 2,000 vending machines set up around the state;[4] about three-quarters of them are in schools.[5] The company operates under a franchise model.
Cross the country, the need for fresh and healthy foods keeps growing. Fresh Healthy Vending is presently seeking motivated entrepreneurs that are ready to dive into an unique chance, to answer this call.

A market that keeps growing, NO matter what the economic climate.

Fresh Healthy Vending is the only business of its kind that fills this crucial demand, which stays ignored by other companies.

Why franchise with Fresh Healthy Vending?
....We're the professionals.

We are innovative.

We were the first business in the world to provide smoothies, yogurts, fruit and veggies from our healthy vending machines.
We are now the sole firm in the world to supply our own combination of Fresh Organic Gourmet Coffee joined with Healthy snacks and drinks all in our very own, unique fresh healthy vending cafe. 
We provide location versatility unlike any other Franchise.

Refreshing Healthy Vending has its very own proprietary location procurement process. Each Franchisee is offered their very own team of place type specialists. If you like you can even join up!

We go beyond as it pertains to support.

We give comprehensive training and support related to:

Initial and Continuing Procedures Instruction
Coffee and meals Ordering through your very own proprietary ecommerce site
Inventory Management and Help
Machine; Delivery, Installation, Operations, Guarantee Services, On-site Labor
Facebook Franchisee Forum Platforms
Ongoing Support on all levels to maximize development opportunities
We practice what we teach and preach.

We manage more than 50 business machines in San Diego and reveal our proprietary management tools and what we learn in the discipline on a regular basis. Our aim would be to have more than 200 corporate devices before 2012 ends.